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Hunters Hill

Working alongside one of sydney most respected landscape companies Outdoor Establishment. The earthworks were completed a few months ago, until recently an engineer changed designs of the footings, so we went back in and got the job done. It was pretty overgrown and footings and batters were a little washed out so we started fresh. These photos don't do the job justice of how steep and technical it was. Our team and the client couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Detail Excavation

Working alongside BTM Exteriors to help on their Gordon project. Removal of grass, detail cuts and footings for a front yard.

Structural Sandstone Removal

Removal of structural sandstone wall that was in place for the house and relocating to front for later use on project. Working with Newmark Constructions.

Cut and Fill Footings

Working with Newmark Constructions - some photos of a cut and fill plus footings for extensions of existing house. The client was extremely happy with the outcome and we couldn't have been happier either!  

Removals and Bulk Detail

Removal of a brick wall, footpath, grass and shrubbery. Then bulk detail and footings to finish it off. Working with Newmark Constructions.

Backyard Tidy and Detail 
Castle Hill 

Backyard detail, tidy up, cleaning and shaping batters ready for landscaping.

Backyard Clean Up 
Quakers Hill

Little backyard clean up for a Saturday.

Tree Relocation
Hunters Hill

Transplanting some of the trees that were on the hunters hill property wasn’t easy - the trees ended up weighing more than the machine!! They also had to be brought down from the steep slopes of the backyard into the waiting trust. Very happy with the result.

Storm Water Pit Dig Out

We were hit with some pretty bad rain during this dig out for a storm water pit for Dion Group, regardless the project came out great in the end.

Tight Access
Hunters Hill 

Taking out fill with dumpers for a tight access project for Outdoor Establishments.

Killara Public School

Project for Killara Public School, working alongside Callan Electrical.

Detail Excavation

Staircase footing for a new train station carpark. Before commencing excavation, the builder said, "Alex if those power conduits are hit we will be on the news", so I said "perfect free advertising!!"  (Nothing was hit). Client was thrilled with the outcome.

Deep Storm Water

Excavation and Installation of deep

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